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Line and Wrinkle Relaxing

When injected into muscles Botox relaxes the target area resulting in a reduced muscle activity which smoothes out wrinkles and lines giving a younger, fresher, rejuvenated appearance.

Botox contains a highly purified natural protein. When injected into target muscles it relaxes them by blocking the signal from the nerve that tells them to contract.

This smoothes out the lines and wrinkles that are caused by over contraction of certain muscles, resulting in a lifted, younger and refreshed appearance.

Horizontal forehead lines before and after cosmetic Botox

Botox is used as a treatment for various medical conditions not just in cosmesis, and has US FDA and European approval for cosmetic use. It is a prescription only medicine, and has an excellent safety and efficacy profile.

Botox is best known for its application in the brow and crows feet.

Crows feet before and after cosmetic Botox

It also has great lifting properties when used in neck bands and muscles that can down turn the corners of the mouth. These muscles, when relaxed, lift upwards, resulting in upturned corners of the mouth and a definition in the jaw line, and improvement in ‘turkey’ neck.

Before and after platysmal neck bands injection with Botox

The effects of Botox cosmetic treatment take about 2-5 days to begin to show. Peak effect is around day 14 and around this time a review appointment may be given.

Duration of effect varies between 3-4 months and depends on the severity of the lines being treated. Longer duration of action tends to come with regular repeated treatments.

If you decide not to continue with treatment, the lines will gradually return to their natural baseline appearance, and full muscle movement will be regained.

Glabellar Frown Lines before and after cosmetic Botox


Baby Botox

The trend for Baby Botox injections is growing. Baby Botox involves injecting a softer dose of the same product used in ordinary Botox injections. This produces a reduction in lines and wrinkles without restricting movement.

The results are similar to standard Botox treatments but there is still an ability to engage the facial muscles that make us frown and look surprised, however when we perform these movements the lines that were once there do not form as deeply or as noticeably.

This is a more natural looking response to the treatment and one that is 'on trend'. The treatment results will last a shorter duration, usually 2 months as opposed to 3-4 months.

It is particularly suited to ...

> New patients who are anxious about the effects of Botox treatment and would like to try it without the results being too obvious or too long term.

> Actors who would like to retain full muscle animation without causing lines to form when performing facial movements.

> Young people - who only need a small amount of Botox as a preventative measure.

> Anybody who prefers a more natural look and who feels the frozen look of Botox is a little out dated.


What to expect

The injection procedure is quick and relatively painless. The needles used are very small, and no anaesthetic is required.

Before photos are taken, with your consent. Cheryl will ask you to perform various facial expressions whilst marking out injection sites. Once the dose has been established Botox is administered.

Usually ice packs are positioned before the injections around the eyes to minimise the risk of bruising in the delicate eye area. Patients can resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

There is a small risk of temporary side effects after Botox cosmetic treatment, such as headache, redness, swelling, and minor bruising. Cheryl will give aftercare advice during the procedure to minimise the risk of side effects, and inform what to do in the rare instance that side effects occur.


Botox Treatment Prices:

Upper Facial Prices from £250
Neck Bands From £200
Advanced Lower Face from £50 per Area
Baby Botox prices from £150 (prices will be agreed at consultation)

All appointments subject to the following Terms and Conditions


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