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CosMedix Peels and Infusions

CosMedix Peels and Infusions work to enhance the physiology of the skin through the use of only the most purified, chirally correct and effective ingredients

Trained in Skin diagnostics and treatments by world leading pioneer in skin health rejuvenation, Constance Campion (skincop.com), Cheryl has experienced first hand the benefits of CosMedix professional products and treatments, in that her prematurely ageing, rosacea skin has been successfully restored to health. Cheryl is proud to bring these cutting-edge infusions and peels to her practice.

Rather counter intuitively most of us are using the wrong type of products on our skin. Know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body, responsible for many key functions, and connected to every other organ in the body.

When patients come to see me I am treating not just the lines on their face, but the entire organ of their skin, and what is going into the body to nourish it also. Most people are not taking a nutritious enough diet, and use heavy creams, harsh cleansers, inactive serums, the wrong type of sunscreen and the wrong type of makeup. Unknowingly they are blocking their own skin from performing its’ function, causing inflammation, and spending a fortune in the process, on luxury branded lotions and potions.


As we age the microcirculation and cellular metabolism of the skin becomes impeded, resulting in uneven texture, enlarged pores, premature ageing, pigment, melasma, sun damage and acne/breakouts. The products we put into and onto our skin can be speeding up this process, along with hormonal, environmental, nutritional and UV influences.

When we change to CosMedix skin care we are infusing our skin with beneficial ingredients that stimulate the skin’s metabolic performance to be at it's best again, and the result of this is brighter, rejuvenated, youthful skin.

CosMedix Skin Care ingredients, treatment infusions and peels are produced from the highest level of technology available and are chirally corrected, meaning they select their target molecules in our skin most effectively, fitting like a jigsaw piece, doing their job without causing inflammation or damage to the internal layers of the skin.

The blend of highly active safe ingredients targets the root cause of your individual skin condition, correcting and restoring the skin’s barrier function, reducing inflammation and regulating the skin’s cellular performance.

The ingredients are safe and free from –

> Synthetic preservatives such as parabens
> Mineral oils
> Petroleum oils
> Sodium laureth sulphate (surfactant)
> Grain alcohols
> Chemical sun protection filters
> Silicones
> Artificial fragrances

Following in depth skin analysis and nutritional/medical history taking, Cheryl will make recommendations for home skin care products, as well as courses of tailored infusions or peels, to target the cause of the skin’s condition and stimulate restoration of skin health. It is important not to continue using other brands of products when using CosMedix products.


Serums containing active Encapsulated Retinal

Committed to excellence in ingredient technology CosMedix have encapsulated their active retinal so reducing the trademark irritation and dryness, such that most patients can tolerate and benefit from using this product daily. The type of active serum will be selected for you during your consultation, depending on the results of the skin analysis performed by Cheryl.


Cosmedix Peels

Peels include a wide range of exfoliating procedures that resurface skin. Ultimately the goal of peels is to remove the skin’s outer layer of compacted dead skin cells and stimulate collagen and elastin to tighten and firm the healthy layer beneath. When performed under clinical expertise, this procedure can effectively diminish the appearance of age spots, pigmentation, lines, blemishes and more without trauma to the healthy cells.

Using natural and chirally corrected skin safe ingredients the CosMedix peels encourage gentle and effective renewal without significant down time. There is no true peeling, but mild sloughing of the skin, this metabolic shedding achieves dramatic results without the irritation, risks and recovery time associated with ‘chemical’ peels.

There are different types of chirally correct peels available. Today’s Peels use natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) to exfoliate away dead skin cells and promote healthy skin. These peels require little or no skin preparation.

Purity Peel
Deeply penetrating AHAs and BHAs detoxify the superficial epidermis, cutting through excess oil to exfoliate and decongest pores. For clarification of oily and blemish prone skin - £

Benefit Infusion
Infuses the skin with chirally correct Vitamin C and Encapsulated Retinol, this is a resurfacing treatment to brighten and renew whilst neutralizing irritation to help restore a youthful complexion. This is an anti-ageing must have treatment, gentle enough for hypersensitive skin - £100

Pre and Post Course of Benefit Peels, improvement in pigmentation,
photodamage dryness and inflammation.

Reduction in finer lines and wrinkles following course of Benefit Peels.

The most powerful treatment, Tomorrow’s Peels, provide medium depth resurfacing to make the skin appear dramatically tighter, smoother and clearer. These peels require substantial home care preparation to ensure the best outcome.

Timeless Peel
The highest concentrations of chirally correct Encapsulated Retinol and L-Lactic Acid, this medium depth peel dramatically reduces the signs of ageing and pigmentation with proven results. It is the gold standard of peels, delivering an age-defying, smooth textured complexion that is truly timeless - £250

Pre and Post Timeless TCA Peel improvement
in pigmentation and photodamage


What to Expect After a Cosmedix Timeless Peel?

Day 1:
Skin may appear pink and feel tight and hot.
Day 2:
Tightness subsides, slight flaking will begin around mouth and nose.
Day 3:
More flaking noticed particularly on cleansing
Day 4:
Continue cleansing
Day 5:
Most peeling now over. May use a mild exfoliating mask such as Pure Enzymes to remove any residual dead skin.
Day 6:
By now you will notice clearer, smoother complexion with little to no flaking.
Day 7:
Begin to enjoy your renewed complexion!

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