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Rejuvalight LED Therapy

Rejuvalight LED therapy is an anti-ageing, rejuvenating and healing treatment which harnesses the positive effects of both red and blue light, to replenish and repair skin cells and hair follicules.

Rejuvalight can be used as a standalone procedure, or in combination therapy as an adjunct to peels, microdermabrasion and other facial, hair and hand treatments.

RejuvaLight is a premier performing LED system that delivers red light and blue light wavelengths for the treatment of mild to moderate acne, skin rejuvenation and hair repair with no downtime.

How does Rejuvalight work?
The Blue Light wavelengths have proven very effective in treating acne by inhibiting the bacteria (P.acnes) responsible for the inflammation in the skins sebaceous glands.

The Red Light wavelength provides effective Light modulation, improving cellular activity and micro vascular circulation, encouraging collagen and elastin production as well as detoxification. The Red and Blue Lights can be used selectively or combined in the treatment process.

The Benefits of Rejuvalight Therapy For Your Skin

> Promotes healthier circulation and oxygenation of your skin
> Softens lines and folds
> Stimulate increased inner skin firmness
> Provides superb skin radiance
> Accelerates skin repair for increased wound healing
> Unites hydrogen and oxygen to create moisture within your skin
> Skin surfaces become more toned and youthful with a healthy glow
> Rejuvenates skin that has sluggish metabolism and slow cellular activity that are showing visible signs of aging
> Promotes collagen and elastin production and stimulates cellular renewal, leading to more youthful skin

The Benefits of Rejuvalight Therapy For Your Hair

If you suffer from hair loss or notice it is getting thinner, we can provide a clinically proven treatment programme called H-Stim

This new non-invasive hair renewal serum combines a powerful range of proven active formulations known to relieve the problems of thinning hair. When combined with ‘in-clinic’ red-diode light therapy, H-Stim Recovery Serum is proven to be very effective against excessive hair loss.

This serum has been special designed to offer a new solution for the prevention of premature ageing of the hair follicles. The active ingredients in the formula have a positive effect on the hair:

> Stimulates hair growth
> Prolongs the life span of hair
> Increases the density and fullness
> Revitalises dormant follicles
> Suitable for men and women


Does the treatment hurt?

No. This treatment is 100% non-invasive; it creates no heat or trauma to your skin. The treatments are pleasant under a cool light. At the end of a 30 min treatment you might experience a warm glow in your skin. Overall, a relaxing and enjoyable experience!

Do I need to cover my eyes during treatment?

The lights are very bright; you will be provided with protective eye wear for your own comfort.

Can Rejuvalight be combined with other skin therapies?

Absolutely, yes! Rejuvalight LED therapy is used to enhance the effect of other skin treatment modalities such as treatment facials, microdermabrasion, enzyme and acid peels, microcurrent and microneedling.

What is the recommended treatment plan to achieve best results for Acne treatments?

2-3 sessions in the first 2 weeks, and then at weekly intervals for a 4-5 week period. The Red and Blue Light wavelengths are generally used in a combined program to achieve optimal results for acne treatment. Each session lasts 30 minutes, and your therapist may recommend these treatments combined with peels or microdermabrasion, depending on your skin condition.

How soon will I see anti-ageing results with Rejuvalight?

There will be some immediate visible changes in your skin, but most changes occur gradually and naturally over a few weeks. The light stimulates natural cellular processes even after the treatment has stopped. LED is a cumulative treatment rather than an aggressive approach and helps to build a healthy skin, from the inside out. A course of weekly treatments provides best results.
What are the skin/health conditions that cannot be treated?

> Epilepsy
> Pregnancy
> If you are taking light-sensitive medications.


Rejuvalight Therapy Treatment Prices:

30 Minute Rejuvalight Therapy Session - £50
Course of 6 x 30 minute Rejuvalight Therapy Sessions - £250 (pay for 5 get 1 free)

H-Stim Hair Rejuvalight Session - £65 per session
Course of 6 x H-Stim hair Rejuvalight Sessions - £325 (pay for 5 get 1 free)

Rejuvalight Therapy Combination Sessions

30 minute Rejuvalight Therapy with a Hyaluronic Masque - £65
30 minute Rejuvalight Therapy with Vitamin C Masque - £65
Course of 6 x 30 minute combination sessions - £325 (pay for 5 get 1 free)

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